DC Regional Christian Church


Almost 12 years ago, Daryl Reed had shared in the planting of a church family in the heart of Washington, DC. Their mission was to cultivate a congregation with a focused passion to impact one of the world’s most powerful cities for the Cause of Christ. For more than ten years these folks grew from a few dozen to more than 300 in a Sunday service. They would bump up against these numbers for most of ten years.

DC Regional Christian Church moved from hotel sites to schools, from businesses to rented facilities…Just 3 years ago, they were paying $ 10,000 a month to rent a middle school for a few hours a week while renting office space off-site.

While in Kansas City, sharing with other Restoration Movement leaders at the North American Christian Convention (NACC) continuation committee meeting… someone mentioned to Russell Johnson, Regional Vice President for TSF, that Daryl was having some difficulty in finding funding to help this mission to our nation’s capital. There was an initial introduction followed up with a phone call there in Kansas City that led to a meeting on site in Washington DC. During the months to come, Daryl, Russell were joined by Doug Crozier when the pace of this project went into overdrive.

After looking at properties that were very dwarfed in size and parking a former 30,000 sq ft grade school with 4.3 acres on a main road became available. It would take special negotiations to bring this project within reach. In the next few weeks, Doug would work with the church leadership, owners of the building and Bill Shalkowski, VP for Construction Management to bring this project within reach!

In the days leading up to the grand opening, DC Regional’s website would see more than 7,000 different hits to their site that usually see a few dozen hits. On the weekend before their grand opening, more than 1,000 people came onto the campus for their open house. The Grand Opening Sunday would host more than 600 to a congregation that has been used to seeing nearly 300! In the days to come TSF leaders join with a tremendous host of our investors to see this congregation grow into a light, where darkness often has dominated! The Solomon Foundation is honored to share the journey, encourage the harvest, and realize a multitude of new people preparing for eternal life! Not only does The Solomon Foundation provide an exciting rate of return on investments but an enduring dividend of changed lives!