Douglas Crozier

About Douglas Crozier

Chief Executive Officer

Douglas J. Crozier is the founding Chief Executive Officer at The Solomon Foundation. Ask Doug about his priorities and he will simply tell you, “Kingdom first, family second, and then business.” With an entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to the Restoration Movement Christian Church, Doug has a track record of success that speaks to his desire to further the Kingdom of God.

The Solomon Foundation, based in Parker, Colorado is the fastest growing church extension fund in American history. Under Doug’s leadership he has built a great team to carry out the ministry work of TSF. TSF has gained the trust of over 4,200 investors and grown to over $425 million in total assets in just over 6 years. This represents a growth pattern that is unprecedented in the Church Extension Fund world. Through this time TSF has lent funds to expand the ministry of more than 200 church and para-church organizations.

Prior to his time at TSF Doug served in significant roles within various financial and real estate institutions for over 36 years. Most recently he served in various capacities at Church Development Fund in Irvine, CA. Doug was initially elected to serve on the Board of Directors from 1993 to 1997. He later joined the staff as Chief Operating Officer from 1997 to 2004 and then went on to become President from 2004 to 2010. Under Doug’s leadership, CDF experienced explosive growth from $80 million in total assets to over $675 million, and total assets under management exceeded $850 million. Doug was the key architect of the enhanced loan funding model providing up to $800 million in new capital for Restoration Movement churches.

In 2005, he led the efforts of the Denominational Investors and Lenders Association (DILA) to revamp the regulatory requirements of Church Extension Funds with the State Securities Regulators. Due in part to his efforts in re-writing the NASSA Guidelines, which govern church extension funds, The Solomon Foundation was able to open their doors to investors in March 2011.

Doug currently serves on the Board of Directors at Lifeline Christian Mission and the Board of Directors at Disciples Data, Inc (DDI). He also serves on the 2016 Executive Committee of the North American Christian Convention.

Doug holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE.

In 2003, the culmination of his efforts in the area of faith-based business resulted in Doug’s ordination into ministry through Mission Viejo Christian Church where he was a member for 23 years. Doug has been married to his wife Julie for 38 years. They have two daughters and three grandsons. The Croziers are currently members of Southeast Christian Church in Parker, CO and live in Parker, CO.