Dr. Don Wilson

About Dr. Don Wilson

Dr. Don Wilson has served in ministry for over 50 years. Outside his vocational ministry experience, Don has served on the boards of the North American Christian Convention, Manhattan Christian College and John Maxwell’s EQUIP. But his most recognized ministry experience comes from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, AZ. Don and his wife Sue, started CCV in a local movie theater but it wasn’t long before the church began to grow and needed much more space. Today, Christ’s Church of the Valley has become one of the largest churches in the country at just over 27,000 people spread out over eight campuses. Don served at CCV for 35 years before retiring from vocational ministry.

Don Wilson is a certified Leadership Coach with EQUIP and has trained over 5,000 pastors and leaders around the world and is currently the President of Accelerate Group, a leadership formation and training organization based in Phoenix.

Don and his wife Sue have three children in ministry and 11 grandchildren.