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4.55% APR
4.65% APY

with $10,000 5 year min

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3.50% APR
3.56% APY

with $10,000 3 year min

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3.00% APR
3.04% APY

with $10,000 1 year min

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TSF has the right to call Certificates for redemption at any time upon sixty (60) days written notice. In such event, interest will be paid to the date of redemption.


When you invest with The Solomon Foundation, your investment will grow with our excellent rates. And with flexible terms, and a variety of options, The Solomon Foundation can help you earn a competitive return while you impact the Church at the same time.

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Let us help you build a facility that will fit your church’s growing needs.

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About The Solomon Foundation

The Solomon Foundation was created with you in mind—whether you are an investor looking for a fixed asset investment opportunity, or you are just starting to save money with our low-minimum investment. Perhaps you are the pastor looking for a partner in ministry, or the church planter looking for funding for the place to grow their ministry. We are here to work with you.

Our team strives to provide excellent interest and create eternal impact. We seek to follow our Core Values every day. As a Church Extension Fund, we simply raise investment dollars from investors, and those funds are then lent to churches within the Restoration Movement for refinancing, church building acquisitions, and construction projects.

As an investor, you have a variety of options that you will find on our website and described in the Offering Circular. As a church, you can investigate the loan options available to acquire the capital to develop your ministry. Our loan and construction team will work with churches through each step of their building and financing process.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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Excellent Rates

We stand by our motto: EXCELLENT RATES, EVERY DAY, for EVERY INVESTOR! Check out our rates today!

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We love to serve churches! Take a look at the stories of some of the churches we have worked with recently.

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