Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is set up with The Solomon Foundation. You will use this to direct funds to the approved charities of your choice.

Read Doug's Story

Doug and Julie Crozier committed to giving $50,000 per year for five years. The year they begin, they receive a tax write-off of $17,500*. In addition, they accrue $3,000 of compounded interest to go toward the charity(ies) of their choice.

Over five years, they will give $250,000, write off $87,500*, and accrue $15,000 toward their DAF to give to charities.

*Tax write-offs may vary based on personal financials.

Read Dinah's Story

Dinah Mite has committed to giving $100,000 over the course of one year to her church as a tithe. Dinah wants to to help churches with the 20x Factor while simultaneously tithing to her church. Knowing that the Donor Advised Fund at The Solomon Foundation compounds 6% interest, she places her committed $100,000 in a DAF on January 1st.

On the last day of December, Dinah advised her funds to be directed to her church. Her total gift was no longer $100,000, but rather $106,000. The very next day, January 1st, she begins the process again, knowing she can help churches through TSF and the 20x Factor and increase her tithe.

I’m ready to give.

If you’re ready to set up your DAF with The Solomon Foundation, or if you have any questions, please contact us to get started!


Donor Advised Fund


made to a DAF receive an . . .


and . . .


at 6%.


allows you to suggest grants from your DAF and replenish on your schedule.

Benefits of a DAF


Receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction


Simplifies end-of year record-keeping


Tax-free growth on the assets that make up your DAF


You will receive these tax benefits with each gift

A DAF is for you if:

You want flexibility on who receives grants from your gift and when they receive them.


Single Organization Fund

A SINGLE ORGANIZATION FUND is for you if you want to benefit a specific charity with your funds.

Field of Interest Fund

A FIELD OF INTEREST FUND is for you if you are passionate about growing the kingdom, and don’t want to worry about minimum contributions.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A CHARITABLE REMAINDER UNITRUST (CRUT) is for you if you want a steady stream of income while also giving to The Solomon Foundation.

Estate Giving

ESTATE GIVING is for you if you want to leave an intentional legacy behind.

Non-Monetary Gifts

A NON-MONETARY GIFT is for you if you want to see the kingdom grow but have something other than cash or securities to give.

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