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The Solomon Foundation was created with you in mind; whether you are an investor looking for a fixed rate investment opportunity, or you are just starting to save money with our low-minimum investment. Perhaps you are the pastor looking for a partner in ministry, or the church planter needing funding for a facility where your ministry can grow. We are here to work with you!

Our team strives to provide excellent interest and create eternal impact. We seek to follow our Core Values every day. As a Church Extension Fund, we simply raise investment dollars from investors, and those funds are then lent to churches within the Restoration Movement for refinancing, church building acquisitions, and construction projects.

As an investor, you have a variety of options that you will find on our website and described in the Offering Circular. As a church, you can investigate the loan options available to acquire the capital to develop your ministry. Our loan and construction team will work with churches through each step of their building and financing process.

Additionally, we strive to help churches get to the next step. This is accomplished through one-on-one coaching by our board or staff and through conferences and events during the year.

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We look forward to partnering with you!

Douglas Crozier

Douglas Crozier


Doug Crozier is the founding Chief Executive Officer at The Solomon Foundation (TSF). TSF is the fastest growing church extension fund in American history. TSF has gained the trust of over 7,000 investors with almost 11,000 accounts and grown to over $1 Billion in total assets in just 11 years. This represents a growth pattern that is unprecedented in the Church Extension Fund world. Through this time, TSF has lent funds to expand the ministry of more than 500 church and para- church organizations. These churches have baptized over 60,000 people since moving into their new facilities.

Ask Doug about his priorities and he will simply tell you, “Kingdom first, family second, and then business.” With an entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to the Restoration Movement Christian Church, Doug has a track record of success that speaks to his desire to further the Kingdom of God.