TSF is here to help the kingdom grow

TSF has helped churches and ministries grow since 2011. Now it’s time for a new endeavor.
Our new Giving initiative allows TSF to continue helping churches and ministries — but at 10x the rate.



An ENDOWMENT is for you if you are passionate about growing the kingdom, and don’t want to worry about minimum contributions.

Donor Advised Fund

A DONOR ADVISED FUND (DAF) is for you if you want flexibility on when and where to give your gifts.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A CHARITABLE REMAINDER UNITRUST (CRUT) is for you if you have two places you want your money to be used.


The 20x Factor

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TSF maintains a minimum 5% capital ratio of our assets



Your partnership makes equity available, allowing us to grow the kingdom 20x



This allows TSF to originate more ministry loans


Ministry Endowments

Disaster Relief Fund

2020 saw more than $22 billion in damages from weather or climate disasters. This does not include other forms of devastation like the loss seen from riots, fires, and other accidents. At times, insurance alone does not cover the full amount of damage to Church buildings, and a damaged Church can be left without a home. This is unacceptable. In response, TSF has created the Disaster Relief Fund to partner with Christians who have a passion for helping provide for those who are affected by unexpected Disasters. The Disaster Relief Fund will provide grants to Churches and Organizations from our movement to provide recovery assistance needed after natural disasters and other destruction to premises
and ministries.

To choose the Disaster Relief Fund, click the button below and note “Disaster Relief” in the memo on the payment page. 

Missions & Ministry Fund

TSF wants to see heaven crowded with the redeemed. Jesus told us how to accomplish that goal. His last command to His followers is known as The Great Commission: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matt. 28:19-20) There are two key parts to this verse. 1. We are to go to ALL the nations. 2. We are to teach them. The Missions and Ministry Fund is designed to sponsor and equip servants living out this calling so that more people can be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ.

To choose the Missions & Ministry Fund, click the button below and note “Missions & Ministry” in the memo on the payment page. 

Ministry Education Fund

According to Barna, only 15% of pastors are under the age of 41. The question is not “if” the next generation is entering into the ministry, but rather “why not?” It appears that one of the primary obstacles to the development of ministers is a lack of funding for a Christian education. TSF refuses to let the cost of a Christian education be the barrier between someone called to the pastorate or pulpit preaching ministry. The Ministry Education Fund has been created to serve students dedicated to complete degrees, programs, and certificates in pastoral and pulpit ministries as well as to support the institutions providing this education. Let’s ensure that the Church has a future guided by trained and soundly Biblical pastors leading the way.

To choose the Ministry Education Fund, click the button below and note “Education” in the memo on the payment page. 

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Restoration Movement Expansion Fund

The Restoration Movement is one of unity. This is one reason why it is the fastest growing movement in America. To continue in contributing to this legacy and assuring the New Testament is reflected in our Churches, TSF has established the Restoration Movement Expansion Fund. This fund is dedicated to the enhancement, education, and encouragement of all things Restoration Movement. After all, “The world would only be won, when the Church was one.”

To choose the Restoration Movement Expansion Fund, click the button below and note “Restoration Movement” in the memo on the payment page. 

Don’t See What You’re Looking for?

If you have a ministry that is very dear to you that does not fit in one of these established funds, you can create your own Legacy Fund.

Create Your Own Legacy Fund

Work with our team at TSF to create your own fund to serve non-denominational Christian churches and churches of Christ and related ministries. The minimum initial contribution to create your own fund is $250,000. Smaller gifts can be managed through TSF’s Donor Advised Fund program.

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Donor Advised Fund


made to a DAF receive an . . .



and . . .



allows you to give to approved charities from your DAF and replenish on your schedule.

Benefits of a DAF


Receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction


Simplifies end-of year record-keeping


Tax-free growth on the assets that make up your DAF


You will receive these tax benefits with each gift


Charitable Remainder Trust


made to a CRUT provide . . .



to you or beneficiary of your choice, while the . . .



is used to grow the kingdom.

Benefits of a CRUT


Receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction from a portion of the contribution to the trust


Receive steady income


Allow the kingdom to grow and expand