Grow the Kingdom

This Christmas, we are inviting you to GROW the Kingdom by giving to the expansion fund for the Restoration Movement (RM).

The Solomon Foundation crossed a major milestone by reaching $1 Billion in total assets. This accomplishment has enabled:

60,000 Baptisms
160,000 in Church Attendance Growth
600+ Ministry Partners Growing the Kingdom

We are committed to seeing the fastest growing movement advance the Kingdom of God. This is why we have established a field of interest fund designated to the RM.

Would You Join Us in Helping
GROW the Restoration Movement?

When you give towards the Restoration Movement Fund, you are planting the seeds to:

  Provide Financial Resources to Expand the RM  •

  Mentor and Counsel RM Ministers and Leaders  •

  Launch Conventions, Seminars, and Gatherings to Network Within the RM  •

  Plant RM Churches and Advance the Kingdom of God  •