Our Rates

With $10,000
7 year min

4.75% APR
4.84% APY

With $10,000
5 year min

4.65% APR
4.73% APY

With $10,000
3 year min

4.30% APR
4.37% APY

With $10,000
1 year min

4.20% APR
4.27% APY

With $10,000
6 month min

4.10% APR
4.16% APY

Up to $100,000
No Term

2.85% APR
2.88% APY

TSF has the right to call Certificates for redemption at any time upon sixty (60) days written notice. In such event, interest will be paid to the date of redemption.


When you invest with The Solomon Foundation, your investment will grow with our excellent rates. And with flexible terms, and a variety of options, The Solomon Foundation can help you earn a competitive return while you impact the Church at the same time.


Let us help you build a facility that will fit your church’s growing needs.

About The Solomon Foundation

TSF is a non-profit financial organization connecting churches and investors within the Restoration Movement community – “those who attend Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Our mission is to provide profitable investment opportunities to individuals, congregations and parachurch organizations and turn them into innovative loans for growing churches” ultimately providing an avenue for greater ministry and expanded impact.

Excellent Rates

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