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7 Day Caribbean Cruise to The Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic


Feb 3, 2024 – Feb 10, 2024


The Solomon Foundation is excited to invite our Keystone Investors and Senior Pastors for our next annual conference. Space is limited. Make sure to register today!

Location Itinerary


Feb 3 | Orlando & Beaches (Port Canaveral) EMBARK

Feb 4 | At Sea

Feb 5 | Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Feb 6 | St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Feb 7 | Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Feb 8 | At Sea

Feb 9 | Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

Feb 10 | Orlando & Beaches (Port Canaveral) 

Registration Fee

Refundable  – $250.00 per couple

Passport Required

(Click to view passport requirements)

Date Night

Enjoy a date night with your spouse.

Balcony Cabin

Two people per cabin

Cabin Credit

$50 credit can be used toward excursions


9245 Charles Rowland Dr., Port Canaveral, FL 32920




Day 1- Saturday February 3rd

11:00am- Check In

*During the check-in time TSF Staff will be in the The Supper Club for a welcome and to answer questions.*

4:00pm- Ship leaves port

Once on board you can check for any excursions or restaurant reservations you were not able to get online. Also stop by the box office and get reservations for shows (do not worry though standby lines typically get in without an issue)

5:00pm- TSF Group Dinner in the Manhattan Room, Taste, and Savor

In Taste: Doug Crozier, Gary Scheer, and Steve Siddle

In Savor: Ryan Riggins, Rowlie Hutton, and Brian Fisher

Evening on your own to explore the ship or see a show!

Day 2- Sunday February 4th

Day at Sea

6:30am- Breakfast on your own at Buffet (quick option) or Taste/Savor (plan for 45min)

8:00am- TSF Sunday Service in Manhattan Room

9:30am- Break

9:40am- TSF Conference 1


1:30pm- Breakouts

Dr. Zimmerman in The Supper Club: RENEW Your Ears

Steve Cuss in the Manhattan Room: Dynamics of Criticism

5:00pm- TSF Group Dinner in the Manhattan Room, Taste, and Savor

In Taste: Melissa Allen, Dr. Wes Beavis, and Randy Wheeler

In Savor: Renee Little, Steve Cuss, and Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Evening on your own

Day 3- Monday February 5th

Puerta Plata (Amber Cove or Taino Bay) – Day on your own to explore and have fun

8:00am- Staff will be in the lobby if you have any questions

5:00pm- TSF Group Dinner in the Manhattan Room, Taste, and Savor

In Taste: Brittany Wagner, Doug Fultz, and Darrel Land

In Savor: Katie White, Scott Taube, and Andy Hansen

Day 4- Tuesday February 6th

St. Thomas- Free Day to explore on your own

Dinner on your own (go to included venues or pay to visit the restuarants)- Have a date night or grab some friends and go to dinner together!

Day 5- Wednesday February 7th

Tortola BVI – Day on your own to explore and have fun

5:00pm- TSF Group Dinner in the Manhattan Room, Taste, and Savor

In Taste: Sarah Roberts, Tom Vick, and Matt Merold

In Savor: Bill Shalkowski, Kevin Segal, and Bob Smith

Day 6- Thursday February 8th

Day at Sea

6:30am- Breakfast on your own at Buffet (quick option) or Taste/Savor (plan for 45min)

8:30am- TSF Conference Session 2 in the Manhattan Room

9:30am- Break

10:00am- TSF Conference Session 3 in the Manhattan Room


1:30pm- Breakout Sessions

Melissa Allen in the Manhattan Room

Dr. Wes Beavis in the Supper Club: Renew your Energy

Dinner on your own (go to included venues or pay to visit the restuarants)

    Day 7- Friday February 9th

    Great Stirrup Cay (Private Island)- Free Day to explore on your own

    5pm- TSF Group Dinner in the Manhattan Room, Taste, and Savor

    In Taste: Megan Rawlings, Dr. Don Wilson, Andrew Martin, and Jimmy McLoud

    In Savor: Ken Idleman, Dr. Richard Barclay,  and Mike Nave

    Day 8- Saturday February 10th

    7am- Arrive at port

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    Our 2024 Keynote Speakers

    Doug Crozier

    Founder & CEO 

    The Solomon Foundation

    Doug Crozier is the founding Chief Executive Officer at The Solomon Foundation (TSF). TSF is the fastest growing church extension fund in American history. TSF has gained the trust of over 7,000 investors with almost 11,000 accounts and grown to over $1 Billion in total assets in just 11 years. This represents a growth pattern that is unprecedented in the Church Extension Fund world. Through this time, TSF has lent funds to expand the ministry of more than 500 church and
    para- church organizations. These churches have baptized over 60,000 people since moving into their new facilities.

    Ask Doug about his priorities and he will simply tell you, “Kingdom first, family second, and then business.” With an entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to the Restoration Movement Christian Church, Doug has a track record of success that speaks to his desire to further the Kingdom of God.

    Steve Cuss


    Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs

    Steve cut his teeth on leadership anxiety when he served as a chaplain at a level one trauma hospital. The hospital sent him into every conceivable human experience and they had nothing but their wits and the presence of God to get us through. In that baptism of fire, he learned how to pay attention to what was going on under the surface of his own life, and also the dynamics between family members. Steve was steeped in family systems theory and then later studied cybernetics in graduate school. His unique experience and training deepened his leadership capacity to manage anxiety and notice it in groups.

    Since 2005, Steve have served as Lead Pastor of Discovery Christian Church in Broomfield, Colorado, an innovative and entrepreneurial church. He has also served at a mega church in Las Vegas, on a ranch for teens struggling with life issues, and as a youth minister in the Appalachian region. He was privileged to grow up in Perth, Western Australia, in an adventurous family of origin. After moving to the United States for theological study, he married Lisa and together we have two sons and a daughter, in whom they take great delight. When he his not working, you can find him laughing with his family, knee-deep in a trout stream, or trying a guitar at a local music store.

    Alan Zimmerman

    Founder & President

    Zimmerman Communi-Care Network, Inc.

    Dr. Alan Zimmerman is Founder and President of the Zimmerman Communi-Care Network, Inc., an international consulting, coaching and speaking firm. He has written several books and hundreds of articles on motivation, communication, change management, work-life balance, team relationships, customer enthusiasm, positive attitudes, workplace negativity, and conflict resolution.

    Dr. Zimmerman’s clients include such major corporations and organizations as 3M, AAA, Abbott Laboratories, American Express, DHL, IBM, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Steel, Mayo Clinic, and Merck. Most recently inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed on a small handful of people in the last 30 years, including Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Art Linkletter, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale.

    Melissa Allen

    SVP, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer

    The Solomon Foundation

    Melissa Allen is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Solomon Foundation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA, both from Pittsburg State University. Additionally, she is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). With over 30 years of experience in private industry, she has held various roles with different degrees of responsibility in Accounting, Finance, and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). Her education, career path, and life experiences uniquely prepared her for the role of TSF’s CFO, where she provides Godly leadership and strong financial oversight while collaborating closely with the TSF Executive team. Melissa, along with her late husband, Chris, is a parent to 21-year-old twins, Chloe and Kyle, who both attend college full-time. She is also an active member at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, CO.

    Melissa is passionate about teaching, leading, and resourcing pastors to be wise stewards. She aims to equip church leaders with the tools they need to budget effectively, make informed lending choices, and have a well-rounded understanding of the income opportunities available to the church. Her session, titled ‘Financial Stewardship for Church Leaders,’ will cover borrowing and investing strategies, self-evaluation tools, and how to develop a sustainable financial plan of action for the local church.




    How do I get from the airport to the port?

    1. Take a shared shuttle: https://www.goport.com/port-canaveral-transportation

    2. Take an Uber or a Lyft

    3. Take a Taxi

    Is the trip totally free?

    A few other expenses to be mindful of are the extra cost of your transportation to and from the embarkation point, any added excursions on the islands, special drink packages (soda and alcohol packages are a separate cost and come with a drink wristband), service charges and gratuities.

    For our cruise, you can expect to pay a service charge of $20.00 per person per day totaling $280.00 per couple for the week. This will be charged to the credit card you place on file with the cruise ship.

    For more information, visit https://www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/prepare-for-your-cruise and pay close attention to the “Money Matters” tab inside the “Spending on the Ship” section.

    What is a refundable deposit?

    A refundable deposit of $250 per couple is required to reserve your spot. The refundable deposit is given back to you on the first day of the cruise. If you cancel at anytime, for any reason, the $250 will not be refunded.

    Will there be main sessions and breakouts?

    Yes! The primary purpose of our annual conferences is to provide a space for networking, resourcing, and to share the heart of The Solomon Foundation. We will be inviting guest speakers and hosting break out sessions to help encourage you in your journey of advancing the Kingdom of God. When the cruise ship is AT SEA, those will be days set aside for sessions and breakouts. ISLAND days are agenda free for you to use to relax, connect, and unwind. (Please keep all dinners available for TSF sessions.)

    Where do I go to board the ship?

    PORT NAME & LOCATION:  Port Canaveral Terminal

    PORT ADDRESS: 9245 Charles Rowland Dr., Port Canaveral, FL 32920

    WEBSITE: www.portcanaveral.com

    What time do I board the ship on embarkation day and in ports of call?

    You can start boarding at 12pm.

    Arrival at the Cruise Terminal:
    For your comfort and convenience, we recommend that guests who have not completed their Online Check- In arrive at the cruise terminal no later than two (2) hours prior to the scheduled embarkation time printed on your cruise documents. Guests who have completed their Online Check- In should arrive at the terminal no later than one (1) hour prior to the scheduled embarkation time printed on your cruise documents. We STRONGLY recommend guests complete their Online Check- In at least four (4) days prior to sailing.

    Final Boarding Time:
    In order to facilitate the embarkation process, the processing of your eDocs, and to comply with new government regulations governing departure manifest, all guests are required to complete check-in at the cruise terminal and be onboard the ship no later than one hour prior to the departure time noted on their cruise documents or they will not be permitted to sail. Please note that guests who have not filled out their Online Check- In must arrive at the port two (2) hours prior to sailing.

    Joining or debarking the ship at any time outside of the published embark/debark port is not permitted for the following reasons:

    • Itineraries are subject to change without notice.
    • Violation of the Passenger Vessel Act (Jones Act), if applicable.

    Approval to embark or disembark mid-cruise may be allowed only in cases of emergencies. Please note that embarking or disembarking mid-cruise may result in a violation of the Passenger Vessel Act (Jones Act), resulting in a fine starting at $798 per person.

    Boarding Time in Ports of Call:
    In all ports of call, it is also the guest’s responsibility to be back onboard the ship no later than one (1) hour prior to the ship’s scheduled departure time. Please be aware that shipboard time may differ from the port of call and it is the guest’s responsibility to follow the shipboard time. In the event a guest misses the ship, it will be the guest’s responsibility to pay all expenses incurred to rejoin the ship.

    Should I bring my kids to this conference?

    The Solomon Foundation loves kids!

    However, we have found that attendees get the most out of conferences when their kids are not in attendance. All adults are required to attend all main sessions and evening dinners. Please choose what is best in order for you to get refreshed, encouraged, and resourced.

    Please note that there may be an additional room charge or upgrade fee if you bring your kids.

    Are there handicap accessible rooms available?

    Yes, but the number of rooms are limited. If you have a need for a room that’s handicap accessible, please register ASAP so we can best accommodate you.

    When will the ship dock on the final day?

    The ship will dock at about 7am and it can take about an hour to set up the gang bridges. Once complete disembarkation will start. In our experience it can take an hour or two to get off. I would not book flights before 1pm EST just to allow extra time and needing to be at MCO 2 hours before flights.

    We estimate the dock to be approximately 45 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.

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    Please make sure you have a passport, and that it is up to date. Ensure that your passport has an expiration date of August 10th, 2024, or later, in order to be in compliance with the Passport 6-Month Rule.

    If you have any passport questions, make sure to check out the U.S. Passport website.

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